Clean, renewable energy without boundaries.

Rebranded Acadia Micro strengthens national reach as Ampion

The new name and look reflect our broader mission.
As Ampion, we’re more committed than ever to building awareness and participation within the shared renewables industry. We’re seeing that the economic and social value of shared renewables such as solar and wind far exceed that of traditional fuel sources. Our rebrand reflects this exciting change as we reach more and more customers nationwide with our vision for the future. And our newly-enhanced platform simplifies the process for renewable energy companies to sign up, bill and engage all types of energy customers across the country.

Endless possibilities.

Imagine a world where renewable energy is readily accessible. Not just for the select few in limited locations, but for everyone, everywhere. Ampion has created a modern, web-based platform to make this vision a reality.

We specialize in complex services so you won’t have to.

Nate Owen
Founder and CEO
Throughout the course of electricity and natural gas deregulation across the United States, several thousand energy companies, ranging from prominent retail energy companies to utilities to oil majors and minors, utilized Mr. Owen's market compliant CIS, CRMs and Billing systems to acquire and service millions of customers. As the founder and CEO of ESG, Mr. Owen led efforts to establish data and business process standards in New England, New York, PJM, ERCOT, and California. Mr. Owen sold ESG in 2013 and pivoted to the renewable energy sector. He has since founded Ampion to bring energy retailing systems and back office best practices to renewable energy asset management.

Mr. Owen is the proud father of two, enjoys cruising and racing his sailboat, playing basketball and following Boston sports. Mr. Owen has a degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College.

Ampion & Public Utility Commissions.

As part of an on-going effort to create a thriving market for shared renewables, Ampion is a co-chair of the NY PSC CDG work group to establish data communication protocols between utilities and shared renewable sponsors.