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Our Mission

We envision a sustainable future, plain and simple, and we believe nothing should stop a person or business from taking part in the clean energy movement. We need a power system that is sustainable, yes, but also one that is affordable for all consumers and healthy for the economy. That’s why we believe in community energy. It’s a different kind of energy than we’re used to, one that holds incredible potential.

We’re here to connect customers with renewable energy providers in a way that benefits everyone while facilitating the transformation of our grid. Our job is to help everyone, from apartment dwellers to nationwide companies, make the sustainable choice in a way that makes sense for their budget, and we’re here to support clean energy providers as they welcome in a new way to see electricity.


Nate Owen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nate Owen is the chief visionary, evangelist, and driving force at Ampion. Nate founded Ampion in 2014, based on the conviction that the renewable energy revolution needed the same type of support that he previously created to facilitate the development of competitive electric and gas markets across the United States.

As the founder and CEO of ESG, Nate led efforts to establish data and business process standards in New England, New York, PJM, ERCOT, and California. His business served several thousand energy companies, including prominent retail energy companies, utilities, and major oil companies using market-leading CIS, CRMs and billing systems to acquire and service millions of customers. Nate brings unique and unparalleled experience and insight into the highly complex world of energy, data, and utilities. After selling ESG, Nate pivoted to supporting the renewable energy sector and founded Ampion in order to bring best-of-breed energy retailing systems and back-office support to renewable energy asset management.

Nate has Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. He is the proud father of three, enjoys cruising and racing his sailboat, playing basketball and following Boston sports.

Alejandro Abogado

VP Sales & Marketing

Alejandro Abogado has been with Ampion since its inception, and he relocated to the Boston area from San Francisco in 2017 to lead Ampion’s Sales Team.

As a core team member, he assisted in the development of the early-stage software platform by translating customer needs into the product roadmap.

Prior to Ampion, he co-founded a commercial construction start-up. As head of sales, Alejandro imparted his entrepreneurial spirit to transform the company into a top tier Bay Area service provider for over a decade.

During his tenure at Ampion, Alejandro has developed an in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy industry and the customer’s needs in a complex and evolving industry.

Alejandro studied Communications at Boston University as well as Sustainable Architecture at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture (SFIA). He is environmentally conscious and passionate about building strong customer relationships with Ampion’s clients. In his spare time he enjoys travel, motorsport, and sailing.

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