A Statement On Racial Injustice

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A Statement On Racial Injustice

June 8, 2020

All of us at Ampion are outraged by the murder of George Floyd and appalled by the entrenched systems that continue to treat the lives of people of color as somehow less valuable. We affirm that our core values include the respect for all and assert that Black lives matter. Racism debases us all.

Ampion’s mission is renewable energy everywhere, for everyone. Our business involves a movement for change on behalf of the planet. We believe that progress towards renewable energy intrinsically represents progress towards social justice, as energy policy and pollution disproportionally affect the health and wellbeing of communities of color. We also believe that we have a responsibility to invest deliberate, sustained attention to improving the attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate racial disparities. We pledge as individuals and as an organization to examine how we will contribute to being a proactive, positive force for the change all of us need. Just as silence is complicity, so too is inaction.

Ampion is changing as a result. We pride ourselves on fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, but there is more that we can do to ensure that we engage communities of color as we build our team. We can use our position in the community solar industry to advocate against structural barriers to participation by low and moderate income populations. We can be more reflective about the subtle ways our behavior runs contrary to our ideals. And we know now is the time for impatience, that words alone are insufficient, and we will be measured ultimately by the progress we make.

Business Operations Analyst

We’re a fast-growing market leader who envisions a world where renewable energy powers our economy and society. Shared and sustainable energy assets, such as solar and wind farms, are the key to this vision, where healthy, inexpensive energy changes the world in which we live. It is a tremendous challenge with huge social benefits, and it is also one of the greatest economic opportunities in the history of business.

Building an industry takes commitment, hard work, and a willingness to work on the messy details. That is where we see our most valuable contribution. Ampion’s platform enables the clean energy revolution by connecting consumers and clean energy providers. We enable consumers to purchase low cost green energy, while providing the customers and revenue for the industry to thrive.

The Business Operations Analyst will work on the Subscriber Experience Team and play a role in defining and supporting the Enrollment, Validation, Allocation, Billing & Payment operational processes and functional capabilities. This person will work to develop and implement configurations that support both internal business processes and external relationships, with a primary focus on ensuring all subscriber information is accurate and resolve any issues that arise during the account lifecycle. This individual will also interact within the entire organization including Customer Acquisition, Account Management, Product/Engineering, and Leadership on any company wide goals, missions or initiatives that arise. This is an ideal opportunity for a passionate individual looking to enter the renewable energy industry. The Business Operations Analyst will report to the Director, Subscriber Experience.

Core Responsibilities

  • Support core business functions using Ampion software & proprietary tools
  • Map out existing processes and determine where they can be improved
  • Drive existing processes, which involves completing a range of forms, checking for accuracy, and sending to clients or utilities
  • Diligently note and respond to requests, internally and externally
  • Design & build tool or software-based solutions to various challenges as they arise

Essential Attributes

Relevant Bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent combination of education and experience

  • years of energy industry experience preferred, but not required
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-paced dynamic environment while simultaneously handling multiple priorities
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills
  • Microsoft Office and Google Suite Proficiency:
    • Microsoft Word/Google Docs: Ability to Create, Share, Edit, Format, Comment, and Track Changes
    • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets: Ability to use the SUM, COUNTIF, IF, IFS, INDEX, and MATCH Functions comfortably
  • Process Diagramming:
    • Familiarity with Process Flow Diagrams
  • Familiarity with Project Management fundamentals — Gantt Charts, timeline management, task recording, regular report submission

Equal Opportunity

Ampion is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, protected veteran status, or any status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. We seek to be an inclusive community and actively encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and identities.

Customer Acquisition Associate

We’re looking for someone passionate about community solar and distributed energy who will contact and develop relationships with potential customers. As part of the Acquisition Team, you’ll generate warm subscriber leads for our clients and conduct outreach campaigns to enroll residents, businesses, and municipalities into shared renewable energy programs. If you are experienced in sales, have strong communication skills, and are familiar with the renewable energy industry, we encourage you to apply.

Main Responsibilities

  • Generate and qualify leads from multiple sources.
  • Provide research support, including the provision of competitive intelligence, market sizing, and local events of value to our efforts.
  • Guide customers through the sales process by effectively conveying Ampion’s value proposition.
  • Contact potential customers through cold calls and emails.
  • Develop customer channels to develop ongoing leads, including coordination with local community organizations.
  • Attend community events, such as fairs or other tabling events, to promote energy offerings.
  • Report all sales activities in a CRM platform and produce sales reports.


  • 4-year college degree from an accredited institution (or degree-in-progress) and 3+ years of B2C sales experience.
  • Proven success in a sales role, preferably relationship-based, in a service industry.
  • Willingness and ability to travel for multiple days across the Northeast.
  • Ability to build trust and rapport with prospective customers.
  • Experience with mass marketing strategies, both digital and in-person.
  • Exceptional communication skills, for audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with energy programs.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in the energy and community solar industry.
  • Ability to work with multiple IT and CRM platforms.

Ampion becomes a Public Benefit Corporation


The greater good is the bottom line.

Ampion is proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation.

All of us at Ampion are working to see real progress in the fight against climate change. It is central to our mission. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we make that commitment official and legally binding.

We’re committed to operating in a way that produces sustainable value to all of our stakeholders: our neighbors in the communities we serve, our employees, our investors, and our business partners.  Our success is defined by how well we serve the greater good, not just the profits we earn.

Support a green tomorrow with community solar

Homes and offices

Powering Our Homes & Offices

Making a dent in one’s carbon footprint feels daunting. One impactful way to take action is also among the easiest, Community Solar. Also known as “solar farms” or “solar gardens”, community solar allows residential users of electricity to support green energy. Renters and homeowners alike are eligible and there is no up-front equipment to buy and install. Subscribing to Community Solar requires about five minutes of effort to complete.

Growing awareness of global climate change has caused many to wonder how they can reduce their carbon footprint and participate in the change required to reduce the negative effects of a warming planet. The available options often don’t seem meaningful or are so difficult or expensive as to not seem feasible.

One impactful option is also among the easiest, Community Solar. Also known as “solar farms” or “solar gardens”, community solar allows residential users of electricity to support green energy. Because it’s a subscription, having an impact is available to almost everyone. Renters and homeowners alike are eligible and there is no up-front equipment to buy and install. A simple application process is all it takes.

How Big of an Impact Does It Have?

Making a dent in one’s carbon footprint feels daunting. So much is built into our daily lives and reductions feel like big changes to how one lives their life. Turning off lights and eating less meat is virtuous, but doesn’t feel like it moves the dial. Electricity usage is a significant source of household emissions, estimated at 15% or more. That’s a lot to take out in one quick decision. It’s the equivalent of taking a car off the road for a year!

How Does It Work?

Available to most residential users of electricity, subscribing to Community Solar requires about five minutes of effort to complete. Most farms, including those represented by Ampion, require a current utility bill and payment information.

  • Based upon historical energy usage, subscribers are given a share of the farm. The intent is to offset accurately a full year of electricity usage.
  • Once the farm is up and running, subscribers receive credits for their share of the energy produced by the site and in so doing, reduce the amount of fossil fuel generated electricity that is required.
  • Those credits appear on the subscribers utility bill, reducing the overall amount. Sometimes utility bills are zero balance.
  • Separately, Ampion invoices for those credits, typically at a 10% discount from their value. The benefit is enabled by state incentives support the growth of Community Solar as an alternative.

Thanks for reading our post.

Have comments or questions? We’d love to hear from you. 

Interfaith Alliance Partners with Ampion & Abundant Energy for Community Solar


Interfaith Alliance Partners with Ampion & Abundant Energy for Community Solar

The Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action (“RAICA”) group has partnered with Abundant Energy, supported by Ampion, to facilitate community solar programs throughout greater Rochester. In addition to accelerating the region’s transition to sustainability, the partnership will lower electric costs for local residents, businesses, and houses of worship.

RAICA’s mission is to bring climate solutions to Rochester through the lens of a moral and spiritual call to action. Now, through a partnership with Abundant Energy, RAICA is introducing community solar to its network. Community solar allows customers to receive credits from local solar farms that offset the their RG&E bills. It can result as in as much as a 10% savings on their energy spend.

“As a group seeking to create a meaningful response to climate change,” said Jackie Ebner, co-campaign leader of RAICA, “we are delighted to help our religious communities lower their electricity costs while advancing New York’sclean energy goals. Community solar is the perfect solution for those of us who couldn’t otherwise participate in rooftop solar.”

Ampion is a management company that provides billing and payment services, as well as an interactive user portal, on Abundant Energy’s behalf. “Over twenty houses of worship have signed up, and we’re looking forward to expanding our impact,” said Nate Owen, Ampion’s CEO. “The best part is that these projects are already running and ready to go. This option is clean, local, and affordable, and we’re excited to work with RAICA to help spread this offering.”

Subscriptions are limited. RG&E customers can reserve their spot by visiting www.raica.net/communnity-solar-campaign.

About RAICA:

The Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action is a group of individuals and organizations of faith in the Rochestermetropolitan area seeking to create a meaningful response to climate change. In doing so, they acknowledge a common conviction to care for the earth and its people, seeking to share resources, leverage their strengths, and magnify their impact. Learn more at raica.net.

About Ampion:

Ampion empowers the clean energy revolution by bringing community energy programs to local communities. Through its software platform, Ampion connects residents, businesses, and other consumers with clean energy facilities that lower their electric costs without the need for installations or upfront investment.

Atkins Farm Partners with Ampion for Community Solar


Atkins Farm Partners with Ampion for Community Solar

AMHERST, Mass., April 25, 2019

Atkins Farms has partnered with Ampion on a community solar subscription, and as part of a regional promotion, Ampion will attend Atkins’ “Spring Fling” tasting event this Saturday to offer subscriptions to local residents and businesses. Those who enroll at ampion.net/subscribe will receive a $25 Atkins Farm gift card with promo code “Atkins.”

Atkins Farms Country Market is dedicated to providing local and sustainable goods to western Massachusetts. To minimize their carbon footprint and their electric costs, they’ve partnered with Ampion to subscribe to a community solar farm. In addition to the solar array already installed on their property, community solar allows Atkins Farms to further support clean energy, this time without upfront payments or installations.

“We know firsthand what sustainability means for our food, our health, and our economy,” said Pauline Lannon, founder of Atkins Farm, “and our customers trust us not just for our goods but for our sustainable ethics. That’s why we chose community solar to cut our electric costs.”

Additional subscriptions are available to residents and businesses looking to lower their electric payments while supporting clean energy. The solar farm is owned by Halo, a CVE North America company, and managed by Ampion.

“There’s a huge population that wants to support a green economy, but rooftop solar is not an option for them,” explained Nate Owen, Ampion’s CEO. “Community solar is different. Now it’s just a matter of signing up. Savings are immediate, and now anyone help support clean energy and contribute to a better planet for future generations.”

Residents and businesses can enroll for community solar at ampion.net/subscribe or by calling (617) 934-2943. Enrollees who use promo code “Atkins” will receive a $25 gift card to Atkins Farm as part of the program launch.

About Atkins Farms:

Atkins Farms Country Market provides locally produced and privately labeled goods as well as conventional and seasonal products. They provide a safe, clean, and comfortable shopping environment with customer satisfaction as their primary goal. Shoppers can learn more at atkinsfarms.com.

About Ampion:

Ampion empowers the clean energy revolution by supporting community energy programs. Through its software platform, Ampion connects residents, businesses, and other consumers with clean energy facilities that lower their electric costs without the need for installation or upfront costs.

Greater Rochester to Win Big with Community Solar


Greater Rochester to Win Big with Community Solar

Rochester houses of worship are now reaping the benefits of Abundant Energy’s community solar program. Their participation will save an estimated 10% on their annual electric costs with no down payments or installations. Additional subscriptions are available to residents, small businesses, and places of worship in the area. Reservations can be made at abundantenergy.portal.ampion.net/sign_up.

Under Abundant Energy’s community solar program, Rochester’s religious homes are offsetting their electric bills with “solar credits” generated from Abundant Energy’s solar farms. In addition to the environmental benefits, they also have a financial incentive, as credits are sold at a 10% discount from their value, resulting in an estimated 10% savings on their annual electric costs. Eight houses of worship are currently participating, including Downtown United Presbyterian, Community Christian Church, and Temple B’rith Kodesh.

“As pastor of a church that takes stewardship and creation care seriously,” said Pastor Steve Gretz of Greece Baptist Church, “I’m happy to have us be part of a program that encourages production of more clean, renewable energy–and lets our members save a bit on their bills at the same time. This is a real win-win solution for us!”

On Abundant Energy’s behalf, the solar projects will be managed by Ampion. “Whether it’s a house of worship or its congregants,” said Nate Owen, Ampion’s CEO, “community solar is the answer, plain and simple. It’s the answer to sustainability, local economy, and lower bills. It makes a big difference, which is why we’re trying to reach as many people as we can while we still have capacity.”

Additional subscriptions are available to residents, small businesses, and other customers of Rochester Gas & Electric. You can learn more and enroll at abundantenergy.portal.ampion.net/sign_up or call (585) 299-5966.

About Abundant Energy:

With competitive levels of industry experience, Abundant takes solar development ideas and transforms them into viable, energy producing entities with financial and environmental benefits for everyone. They are fully committed to the origination, development, installation, and operation of solar power projects across North America. Visit their website at www.abundant.solar.

About Ampion:

Ampion empowers the clean energy revolution by bringing community energy programs to local communities. Through its software platform, Ampion connects residents, businesses, and other consumers with clean energy facilities that lower their electric costs without the need for installations or upfront costs.

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