Ampion PBC Closes $10M Series A Preferred Stock Financing


Ampion PBC Closes $10M Series A Preferred Stock Financing

Technology Venture Partners leads Series A Preferred Stock investment to accelerate Ampion’s leadership in Community Solar and Renewable Energy

Ampion PBC, the revenue-management software platform solution for Community Solar and other Distributed Generation Assets, today announced it has completed a $10M Series A Preferred Stock financing. The investment, provided by Technology Venture Partners (TVP), will support and finance the company’s accelerating growth. In addition to providing the financing Managing General Partner, Bryson Hollimon and General Partner, Don Bossi will join Ampion’s Board of Directors.

The Series A Preferred Stock financing concludes an exceptional year for Ampion, highlighted by significant growth in the burgeoning market of distributed renewable energy. Ampion’s solutions for ensuring the long-term revenue of these assets include initial acquisition of subscribers and ongoing management of billing and payment. This investment allows Ampion to expand its subscriber acquisition organization, broadening its reach across markets, and increases investment in the company’s leading revenue-management software platform designed to meet the needs of enterprise clients, thereby further extending Ampion’s unique position in the marketplace.

“It has taken five years for this market to coalesce,” said Nate Owen, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ampion, “and the momentum that we are seeing across the market is astounding. This investment allows us to better support our clients who are expanding aggressively. Our solution is well-positioned for professional operators of Distributed Generation and Community Solar who want a reliable partner with an enterprise-technology mindset.”   

“We found Ampion’s technology position and business model to be compelling from the beginning,” said Bryson Hollimon, Managing General Partner of Technology Venture Partners. “They are led by a highly experienced management team with a big vision on how to support the significant growth taking place in this market. We are enthused about the opportunity to invest and support the Company with the resources they need to execute on that vision.”  

About Ampion 

Ampion is a market leader in the Community Distributed Generation (CDG) industry. Ampion manages hundreds of megawatts of CDG assets, serving residential, commercial and anchor customers. Ampion’s software platform provides compliant acquisition and revenue management functionality to CDG asset owners, while also providing advanced billing and sustainability reporting to small and large CDG subscribers.  

About Technology Venture Partners 

Technology Venture Partners is driven to transform unique, high-potential technology companies into successful businesses and market leaders. Our focus on growth-equity investments in the technology sector allows us to use our financial expertise, industry knowledge and strategic insight to provide guidance to entrepreneurs and company leaders in building successful, market-leading organizations. 

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A Statement On Racial Injustice

Community Solar Stop Global Warming Ampion
Homes and offices

A Special Announcement

A Statement On Racial Injustice

June 8, 2020

All of us at Ampion are outraged by the murder of George Floyd and appalled by the entrenched systems that continue to treat the lives of people of color as somehow less valuable. We affirm that our core values include the respect for all and assert that Black lives matter. Racism debases us all.

Ampion’s mission is renewable energy everywhere, for everyone. Our business involves a movement for change on behalf of the planet. We believe that progress towards renewable energy intrinsically represents progress towards social justice, as energy policy and pollution disproportionally affect the health and wellbeing of communities of color. We also believe that we have a responsibility to invest deliberate, sustained attention to improving the attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate racial disparities. We pledge as individuals and as an organization to examine how we will contribute to being a proactive, positive force for the change all of us need. Just as silence is complicity, so too is inaction.

Ampion is changing as a result. We pride ourselves on fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, but there is more that we can do to ensure that we engage communities of color as we build our team. We can use our position in the community solar industry to advocate against structural barriers to participation by low and moderate income populations. We can be more reflective about the subtle ways our behavior runs contrary to our ideals. And we know now is the time for impatience, that words alone are insufficient, and we will be measured ultimately by the progress we make.

Ampion becomes a Public Benefit Corporation


The greater good is the bottom line.

Ampion is proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation.

All of us at Ampion are working to see real progress in the fight against climate change. It is central to our mission. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we make that commitment official and legally binding.

We’re committed to operating in a way that produces sustainable value to all of our stakeholders: our neighbors in the communities we serve, our employees, our investors, and our business partners.  Our success is defined by how well we serve the greater good, not just the profits we earn.

Atkins Farm Partners with Ampion for Community Solar


Atkins Farm Partners with Ampion for Community Solar

AMHERST, Mass., April 25, 2019

Atkins Farms has partnered with Ampion on a community solar subscription, and as part of a regional promotion, Ampion will attend Atkins’ “Spring Fling” tasting event this Saturday to offer subscriptions to local residents and businesses. Those who enroll at will receive a $25 Atkins Farm gift card with promo code “Atkins.”

Atkins Farms Country Market is dedicated to providing local and sustainable goods to western Massachusetts. To minimize their carbon footprint and their electric costs, they’ve partnered with Ampion to subscribe to a community solar farm. In addition to the solar array already installed on their property, community solar allows Atkins Farms to further support clean energy, this time without upfront payments or installations.

“We know firsthand what sustainability means for our food, our health, and our economy,” said Pauline Lannon, founder of Atkins Farm, “and our customers trust us not just for our goods but for our sustainable ethics. That’s why we chose community solar to cut our electric costs.”

Additional subscriptions are available to residents and businesses looking to lower their electric payments while supporting clean energy. The solar farm is owned by Halo, a CVE North America company, and managed by Ampion.

“There’s a huge population that wants to support a green economy, but rooftop solar is not an option for them,” explained Nate Owen, Ampion’s CEO. “Community solar is different. Now it’s just a matter of signing up. Savings are immediate, and now anyone help support clean energy and contribute to a better planet for future generations.”

Residents and businesses can enroll for community solar at or by calling (617) 934-2943. Enrollees who use promo code “Atkins” will receive a $25 gift card to Atkins Farm as part of the program launch.

About Atkins Farms:

Atkins Farms Country Market provides locally produced and privately labeled goods as well as conventional and seasonal products. They provide a safe, clean, and comfortable shopping environment with customer satisfaction as their primary goal. Shoppers can learn more at

About Ampion:

Ampion empowers the clean energy revolution by supporting community energy programs. Through its software platform, Ampion connects residents, businesses, and other consumers with clean energy facilities that lower their electric costs without the need for installation or upfront costs.