Energy Providers

We know energy, we know software, and we know your customers

Ampion manages community solar and other generation programs for clean energy providers across the nation. We connect your assets with an ideal consumer base and manage their accounts on your behalf so you can maximize the return on your portfolio while keeping your customers satisfied.

Whether it be billing, customer care, utility interfacing, or regulatory compliance, we’re the back-office management solution you’ve been looking for.

For even the most efficient portfolios, the success of an energy offering hinges upon the solicitation of subscribers. Ampion provides outreach services to ensure that your projects are filled with the loyal, long-lasting customers you need.
Digital Marketing
Our marketing team knows your customer base, and we utilize the latest strategies to grab their attention and teach them about your program.
Lead Collection
Our customer acquisition team works with our software to make the transition from curious prospect to fully-fledged customer as seamless as possible.
Customer Validation
Whether it’s legislative standards or your own, we ensure that every enrollee is suitable for your asset.
Online Enrollment
Our software offers concise, straightforward registration. A swift and comprehensive form is all your prospects need to get going.
Ampion is a management solution for portfolios of all sizes and contracts of all terms. We streamline the billing process, from bill calculation to payment collection, all while ensuring your customer are happy.
Billing & Payment

We’re compatible with power purchase agreements, virtual net metering agreements, leases, and prepaid contracts under all financial structures


Our software is tailored to the rate plans and time frames that work for you and your customers


We collect your revenue via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transactions, check payments, and more


We track Renewable Energy Certificates in all active markets


We regulate payment processing to ensure reliable financial flows, all using industry-leading standards

Allocation Management & Regulatory Compliance

Our systems provide accurate production numbers for your assets


We accurately and continuously allocate your asset’s production to customers of all markets and rate classes


We deliver timely and accurate compliance reporting under all applicable protocol


We work with utility companies on your behalf to ensure your production is accurately compensated and distributed

Customer Service

Your customers have 24/7 access to their account data and all the benefits – both financially and environmentally – they’re receiving


Our team knows the ins and outs of your energy program to handle customer concerns effectively

Energy regulation is complex and ever-changing. We automate critical compliance functionality in our system, and our team ensures that your energy program meets the necessary requirements.
Contract Consultation
Ampion will work with your team to ensure your subscriber contracts comply with the legislative environment in all of your service territories. We’ll provide our professional recommendations on key clauses, rates, and contingencies that define your relationship with customers.
Policy Analysis
Our team delivers streamlined policy reports on your markets. The frequency, depth, and scope of our reports are tailored to meet your needs, saving you time and foregoing the labor-intensive process of sifting through complex local, state, and utility filings.
Market Forecasting
Ampion’s market forecasting services will lend you the insight you need to make critical decisions for your business. With customized alerts and ongoing updates, you’ll never miss a market shift.
Databasing & Automation
As procedures and utilities tariffs change, Ampion’s software adapts to accommodate. We automate our billing and allocation services within regulatory boundaries so you don’t have to.

We cater to all energy providers

Asset Owners & Developers

Developing and operating a renewable energy program, especially new programs like community solar, requires a specific level of expertise.

For your portfolio, we acquire your customers, keep them happy, and maximize the return of your investment. We assume responsibility for everything in the customer management cycle, from initial contracting to payment collection, power allocation, and ongoing engagement.

Our solution caters to all renewable energy assets and programs, ranging from traditional power purchase agreements to community energy offerings.


Utilities can now offer renewable energy subscriptions. Ampion ensures the success of those new subscriptions while minimizing their complexity.

We recognize that community solar and other distributed generation programs are new ventures with their own sales, IT, and customer care requirements that don’t always fit into existing business models and infrastructures. These circumstances are unique and require the additional systems, staffing, and training that Ampion can provide.

Energy Retailers

Community solar, wind, and hydro programs are the future of competitive energy. Longer contracts, greater customer demand, new revenue opportunities, broader markets, and growing popularity are just a few of the reasons why retailers are eagerly watching this burgeoning market.

Competitive electricity providers need to ensure they are providing a long-term product, one that keeps their customers and capitalizes on the revenue opportunities associated with community energy. Ampion provides the system and expert staff to give retail energy companies the competitive edge, enhancing their shared renewable offerings to customers.

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