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Thanks to your state's community solar program, Eversolar members are guaranteed to save on their electricity costs, while ensuring more clean energy sources are added to the grid.


Joining Eversolar is an easy way to help the environment by supporting the development of renewable energy sources in your community.


With no equipment to buy, install, maintain or worry about, you get to experience all the benefits of community solar without the hassles. Plus, there’s no long-term contracts you need to commit to, just guaranteed savings for as long as you stay a member!


Eversolar’s community solar projects ensure the benefits of solar energy are available to both renters and homeowners. In other words, you don’t need to own a roof to feel like raising the roof!

Still have questions?

That’s ok, community solar is new to most people. Lots of our customers had questions before they signed up so we compiled a list of some of the most common questions below.

When you subscribe to a community solar farm, you receive solar credits for your share of the clean energy the farm produces. Just like homeowners who have their own panels, you receive these solar credits as savings on your utility bill. Eversolar guarantees your utility bill savings will equal 21% of the value of the solar credits produced by your share of the solar farm. For example, if your share produces $100 worth of solar credits one month, you’ll save $21 on your utility bill!

We are so happy to share that it isn’t! This program is a NJ state program. The guaranteed discounts are mandated by the program, and developers like Eversolar are required to adhere to strict consumer protections.

No fee to start or stop your subscription, no credit checks, and guaranteed savings per your contract (backed by law).

Community solar eliminates upfront fees by allowing you to subscribe to a community solar project, saving you the cost of individual installation. Community solar developers build the projects so you can access clean energy without any upfront expenses.

We sell RECs (renewable energy credits) to the utilities and discounted solar credits to you.

Unlike rooftop solar, community solar is connected to your utility account only. It is not connected to a building or apartment. If you move within the same utility territory in NJ, you can take your community solar subscription with you. If you move out of a utility territory, you can cancel your community solar subscription at any time for no fee.

The NJ community solar program incentivizes developers to pass along the highest discounts possible to subscribers. As part of our project application to the Board of Public Utilities, we committed to offering everyone a discount of 21%.

Customers need to provide their name and address, confirm whether they qualify as LMI, and enter their utility account number and/or online utility account username and password. That’s it!

This is a program carefully designed to provide no-risk energy savings to NJ residents of all incomes. However, if you own your home and are able to invest in installing panels, owning your own rooftop solar may generate more savings for you in the long run. As with any household decision, we recommend you consider your own situation carefully before choosing a clean energy solution.

Nope! Thanks to changes made by the Board of Public Utilities, customers will have their solar credits applied directly to their normal utility bill. The only difference will be a lower bill than before thanks to your community solar subscription!

Rooftop solar has helped many in NJ, but over a million households are unable to participate, including all those who rent their homes or apartments. New Jersey’s community solar program aims to make renewable energy accessible to everyone, offering risk-free participation with no ownership or maintenance of panels, no enrollment fees, and free cancellation, ensuring every New Jersey resident can support and benefit from clean energy

Ampion is our 3rd party provider that hosts the software platform used to support enrollment and other community solar subscription management services. The Ampion platform is ISO 27001 certified and highly secure.

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