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May 30, 2024

Here at Ampion, our commitment to the environment goes beyond the work we do in renewable energy. Of course we want to make renewable energy accessible to all, and we also value making outdoor spaces safe and accessible to all. For Ampion’s 2024 volunteer outing, a group of Ampion employees gave back to the community by cleaning up a section of the Boston Harborwalk in East Boston.

The Boston Harborwalk is a stretch of 43 miles of publicly-accessible walking paths and trails along Boston’s waterfront, covering neighborhoods in East Boston, Charlestown, and Dorchester. The Ampion crew got to work and picked up a whopping 166.2 pounds of trash along the East Boston coastline. The group was eager to give back to the community and create a cleaner, safer environment for people, animals, and marine life to thrive.

Boston Harborwalk

The team volunteered with Boston Harbor Now, an organization dedicated to making Boston Harbor, its waterfront and islands accessible and inclusive. Boston Harbor Now works with nonprofits, harbor agencies, and other organizations to ensure that these places are properly adapted to the risks of climate change. Boston Harbor Now partners with the Friends of the Boston Harborwalk, a group of volunteers who steward the waterfront spaces and identify the sites most in need of volunteer service projects.

Love (Cleaning Up) That Dirty Water!

Ampion’s roots are in Boston. We love our strong, resilient city and want to make sure it remains resilient in the face of climate change and other forms of environmental destruction like pollution. A huge part of climate resiliency is preventing toxic chemicals from litter and other debris from entering our waterways, soil, or food sources. One of the biggest risks posed by litter? Marine life often confuses plastics, styrofoam, and other materials for food. This not only poses a risk to their health, but also to people, as many of us consume seafood caught off of the Boston coastline.

The Ampion team was shocked at the amount of litter on the marshland and beachfront in East Boston. Motivated, the team suited up in neon vests, gloves, trash pickers, and trash bags. Since the tide was coming in quickly, the Ampion group was instructed to start by picking up trash close to the shoreline to avoid it from being swept out to sea with the rising tide. The team got to work picking up small pieces of plastic, styrofoam, textiles, and other trash. Gradually, the group moved backward to the marsh. The most interesting pieces of trash the crew found? A destroyed foam mattress pad, a life vest, and full bottled beverages.

That Ampion team left that day feeling accomplished for getting all that trash out of East Boston's marshland and beach. It wasn't just about picking up litter or outcompeting each other in finding the most garbage. More than anything, this experience was an impactful reminder of why it matters to care for our environment. Boston is a city that many of us at Ampion proudly call home. We’re going to continue playing our part in keeping it beautiful and safe for everyone.

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