Join the Community Solar Revolution

Choose clean, inexpensive and locally produced renewable energy without any installations or upfront payments. Make the smart and easy choice to sign up and save.

Renewable Energy Everywhere, for Everyone.

We’ve seen what clean energy can do, and we know it’s the power of the future. Everyone has a right to the benefits of renewable energy, and that’s why we’re backing community solar.

We connect communities to local energy projects that provide all the financial benefits of solar without the need for upfront payments or installations. Now it’s not only smart, but easy to support solar in your neighborhood.

“The community solar program is working great. Obviously, the opportunity to reduce our community’s carbon footprint is a top benefit, but the savings on our electric bill is also a huge win. I consistently recommend community solar to friends and family who are looking for similar benefits. And Ampion’s process is easy and transparent.”


Marston Mills, MA

“Our residents have benefited greatly from joining Ampion. The savings alone have allowed us to better serve our residents. The process was simple and easy. I would highly recommend!”


Newburyport Housing Authority

“Knowing that I’m saving money feels just as good as knowing that I’m doing it for a good reason. This program makes it not only easy, but actually an incentive to help protect my children’s future.”


Wellfeet, MA

Join Your Community’s Solar Farm

Cut Energy Costs

Lower your monthly electric bill with solar credits delivered right to your utility account.

No Installations Required

No holes in your roof and nothing installed on your property.

Support Clean Energy

Track the environmental impact of your subscription with our software platform.

Energize Your Local Economy

Support your neighbors with jobs in construction, engineering, maintenance, and development.

How Does Community Solar Work?


Ampion assigns you a share of a local community solar farm based on your electricity usage. We communicate to your utility company that you will be receiving a portion of the solar farm’s production each month.


You receive your portion of power in the manner of “solar energy credits” that appear on your electric bill. Your credits offset the final balance you owe your utility for your electric consumption.


After you receive your credits, you’ll receive a bill from us. We’ll charge you at a discount based on your credits’ value, From our discount, you’ll save an estimated 10% on your annual electric costs.

Make the sustainable choice and lower your electric bill today.

Am I Eligible?

We have community solar projects available across several states, including:


  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
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