How Community Solar Works

Powering communities toward a greener future
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Community Solar makes the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy available to all, without having to install panels or invest anything. See how you can help drive climate solutions in your community — and save money doing it.

Community Solar 101

What you need to know in about 2 minutes.

The MVP of Clean Energy

True to its name, Community Solar uses sunlight to generate electricity instead of dirty fossil fuels, making it the innovative, climate-friendly energy option.
Nothing to Install

Nothing to install

Community Solar uses locally-operated solar farms with hundreds of panels and the existing power grid instead of panels on your roof. No hefty investments, no construction, no maintenance, no worries. Ampion members continue to receive electricity like they always have (only now it’s planet and wallet-friendly).

Open to Everyone

Accessible to all

Ampion is available to homeowners, renters and just about anyone who pays a utility bill, making it easy to access the savings and sustainability that solar energy provides.

Community Driven


Ampion’s locally-operated solar farms don’t just provide power to communities—they help them grow stronger, too! Community Solar developments drive job growth, boost local economies, and keep more money in people’s pockets by delivering ongoing utility bill savings.

The Basics

Solar Panels

Solar Farm

Power Line

Power Grid

Community House

Your Community

From the solar farm to the power grid to our communities

Ampion’s nearby solar farms generate electricity from sunlight and send it to the utility grid where it becomes part of the overall power supply. Homes and businesses receive electricity like they always have, only now it’s a little greener.

Your slice of the clean energy pie

Ampion members are matched with a local solar farm and assigned a portion of the energy it produces. That “share” of energy comes back to members in the form of renewable energy credits on their utility bill — reducing or even completely offsetting electricity costs! (Not only that, but unused credits roll over to future bills!)


Ampion bills you for your credits

In most states, each month you’ll be billed by Ampion at a discounted rate for every dollar of credit received on your utility bill based on your solar energy allocation. Those savings add up, resulting in more affordable energy for you and a more sustainable community for all!

Encouraging more sustainable communities

Community Solar is made possible by innovative incentives, investments and developments to help make our communities and our world more sustainable.
State-sponsored for growth

Dozens of states are encouraging Community Solar development through legislation, using tools like renewable energy credits, tax incentives and special funding packages to help speed up their states' clean energy transitions.

Carefully monitored for consumer (and environmental) protection

Community Solar providers and solar farms (Ampion included!) must meet specific criteria when building sites and working with customers because of the government support at the heart of the programs. You can rest assured that we’re in this for the right reasons and to make the world a better place.

Future-proofing utilities

Community Solar helps utility and energy companies phase-out older, dirtier power plants and invest in renewable energy options that are closer to your use, increasing local energy resilience.

Learn about the specifics in your state

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Community Solar is still growing with new state and utility-backed programs happening all the time. Sign up to receive updates on when Community Solar and Ampion membership is available in your area.

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