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ECOS Moves to 100% Renewable Energy with Community Solar

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October 05, 2021

ECOS Offsets Production With 100% Clean Energy

Partnering with Ampion Renewable Energy for Community Solar Project

ECOS®, a climate-positive manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products, announced today that it is taking part in California’s Community Solar program through Ampion Renewable Energy. This partnership marks an important milestone for both companies, as ECOS works to support its 100% renewable energy manufacturing operations and sustainable business practices and Ampion helps enterprise organizations access large volumes of renewable energy to accelerate sustainability goals.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our company’s mission,” said Dr. Nadereh Afsharmanesh, Vice President of Sustainability & Education for ECOS. “ECOS has been a carbon neutral manufacturer since 2013, which includes powering our California facility with 100% renewable energy through the purchase of RECs. We’re thrilled to subscribe to a Community Solar project that not only helps us achieve 100% renewable energy but also helps create a cleaner electricity grid for Southern California.”

ECOS, headquartered in Cypress, CA, is subscribed to a share of Sheep Creek Community Solar Farm in El Mirage, CA. This subscription is made possible through Ampion’s partnership with Catalyze, the owner and operator of the Sheep Creek Community Solar Farm. This partnership will directly contribute to the development of renewable energy projects in California, which has a goal of becoming a carbon neutral state by 2045.

“We are excited to be helping ECOS, one of our first corporate customers in California, subscribe to Community Solar farms to offset its emissions with 100 percent green energy,” said Nate Owen, CEO of Ampion. “Community Solar is a vital cost savings and sustainability option for utility customers of all sizes, and through our Enterprise Community Solar platform, ECOS will gain access to large amounts of clean, inexpensive, renewable energy.”

The Sheep Creek Community Solar Farm connects to the electric grid through Southern California Edison (SCE), lowering the state’s reliance on fossil fuels. SCE’s Community Renewables Program is Green-e® Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Those who subscribe receive a Community Renewables monetary credit on their electric bills for the energy generated by their allocation of the Community Solar Farm.

This state-sponsored program also allows businesses, organizations and residents to subscribe to a shared Community Solar farm and contribute their property’s monthly energy usage to the grid. By joining the program through Ampion, ECOS is committing to climate-friendly renewable energy at no additional cost.

About Ampion:

Ampion offers the easiest way to join the clean energy movement while saving money through Community Solar. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Ampion believes in giving people the power to make homes, businesses and communities more sustainable and prosperous. By connecting residents and businesses to local solar farms, Ampion boosts sustainability in communities and supports local economies. Learn more at

About ECOS®:

Family owned and operated since 1967, ECOS makes plant-powered laundry detergents and cleaners that are safer for people, pets and the planet. ECOS cleaners are made in the USA using global ingredients, without dyes, formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, parabens, phthalates, or optical brighteners. They are pH balanced, greywater and septic safe, and never tested on animals. ECOS has won many awards for its green chemistry innovations, including the U.S. EPA 2021 Safer Choice Partner of the Year award. ECOS, Baby ECOS, ECOS Pets and ECOS PRO cleaners are available at major club and grocery retailers and natural foods stores throughout the U.S., internationally and online. For more information and retail locations, visit


Media Contact: Sarah Waldrop

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