Immediate Savings, Renewable Energy

Access to renewable energy without PPAs. Community Solar is available to commercial off-takers as well and it’s easier than you think.

With the Ampion platform, commercial entities can benefit from Community Solar as well. Most programs provide opportunities to participate in state-sponsored programs to reward ratepayers for supporting the development of renewable energy. Standard contracts offer immediate savings and your participation directly leads to additional renewable development in your community. Savings, renewables, and local economic development.

With the Ampion platform commercial entities can:

  • Access more renewable energy with ease
  • Achieve greater sustainability and savings goals
  • Contract across service territories and states
  • Be assured that your data is safe (ISO 27001 compliance)
  • Layer in additional RECs with our Green Community Solar offer

Ampion is a market-leading manager of Community Solar, servicing subscribers across the largest markets in the US. We match your needs to our flexible supply, maximizing savings and your positive impact on renewable energy. Our white glove service supports commercial subscribers through enrollment and the lifetime of their subscription. And our enterprise quality systems provide peace of mind that your data is safely protected.

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Community solar is the smart choice.

Solar Energy

Monthly Savings on Electricity

No Up-Front Costs

Nothing to Install

Our mission, Renewable Energy Everywhere, for Everyone, is supported by the Ampion’s on-line platform. With our state-of-the-art software you can reap the benefits of renewable energy, regardless of whether you rent or own your home and with nothing to install!


You sign up for an Ampion account through our on-line enrollment portal (a qualifying utility account in your name is required.)


Our on-line platform matches you with a solar farm and connects your Ampion account to your electric utility so we can apply your bill credits.


Log in to your account anytime to see the production of solar energy, your bill credits, and more.


Ampion will email you an invoice each month, for the bill credits applied to your utility account, at a discounted rate.

Learn more about community solar.

Read our FAQs about solar farms and the billing process.