Sustainable Energy Strategies for your Business

Managing corporate energy costs– It’s a key business requirement for large companies, and it’s getting more complicated all the time. With a vision of sustainability, participating in Community Solar with Ampion can drive meaningful positive results for your business.

As a member of a large organization, you’re probably familiar with these challenges:

Global Energy Issues

  • Volatile energy prices

  • Meeting ESG and GHG goals

  • Scale & growth– new markets, new technologies, new operational challenges as the rules change

Meeting Corporate Energy Initiatives

  • Where and how do you start? How do energy management efforts fit into your company’s existing ESG and greenhouse gas initiatives?

  • Shareholders and executive leadership are looking for solutions

  • Your competitors are moving forward. You need to lead inside and outside of the organization.

Introducing: Ampion Enterprise

Community Solar for large businesses and their employees
Savings Bulb

Helps reduce your total energy costs by getting guaranteed savings from incentive credits applied to your electric bills.

Green Leaf

A sustainable solution to your energy needs – help meet corporate ESG goals and provide clean energy to the local communities where your facilities are located


A simple and scalable way to participate in all Community Solar markets across the United States

Your One-Stop Shop for Community Solar

Distributed generation programs are complicated. Mistakes can be costly. Ampion’s combination of superior technology, local experience, and proactive customer support are critical to your success. It’s the reason our clients tell us we make their projects more predictable and profitable, with less risk and happier subscribers.

When you choose Ampion Enterprise, we will be your one stop shop for Community Solar by managing all of the enrollment, active allocation and billing for each of your facilities nationwide.

We’ll provide the detailed reporting you need all in one place, leaving you more time to manage your day to day business needs.

Consolidated Bill

Experienced Team + Industry-leading Platform

Ampion’s attentive account management team works with you regularly to devise a custom approach to achieve your renewable energy goals, and evolve that approach as your needs change.

Ampion’s industry-leading billing system consolidates utility invoices across markets. This simplifies your payment processes, with one detailed bill for all state markets and Community Solar developers, instead of separate bills for each location and developer. We’ll work with your billing system to simplify the often-complicated distributed generation billing process.

Community Solar for Your Employees and Customers

Enterprise subscribers can offer the benefits of Community Solar to employees and customers as well! For every member of your network that you refer to Ampion Community Solar, we’ll make a donation to a cause or initiative of your choosing. It’s a powerful employee benefit, and demonstrates your company’s commitment to expanding the positive impacts of renewable energy.

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Benefits of Community Solar with Ampion

Immediate and actionable to meet sustainability mandates
why ampion 2


Fixed savings and long term price assurance across many markets

Green Bill


RECs in certain markets, access to all current and future capacity, drive new solar development across the United States

Simple and Scalable

Simple & Scalable

Simple master agreement with state addenda. Attentive, dedicated account management team at Ampion

The most experienced, professional, and proven Community Solar platform nationwide

Accreditations & renewable energy industry memberships

… And we take security seriously

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