Community Distributed Generation — Simplified.

Managing your distributed generation sites is complicated. Finding quality subscribers, coordinating with the utility, and billing them accurately and on time requires a depth of knowledge, robust technology, attention to detail, and experience.

Ampion takes the pain out of this process so you can focus on growing your business.

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    Leading nationwide provider with extensive distributed generation experience

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    Manage the full subscriber lifecycle, from acquiring the right mix to managing billing, reporting and the support they require

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    Robust experience and understanding of the ever-changing regulatory requirements to help you quickly evolve

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    Pricing models that emphasize shared economics and alignment

Why Ampion?

Our clients choose us because we simplify this complex world. We make their projects more predictable and more profitable, with better data insights, happier subscribers, and less risk.


Acquiring The Right Subscribers, Where and When You Need Them


Expert Billing & Payment That Delivers Your Revenue

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Your Long Term Partner — Superior Technology, Embedded in Your Markets, with Decades of Experience

From Our Clients

The Ampion team helps us interpret fragmented utility data and makes sure we are accounting for it correctly. Having Ampion’s help to demystify that process is really important. It’s another area where Ampion goes above and beyond as a partner.

Kelly Roache, Director of Policy & Community Solar, Renewable Properties

Acquiring The Right Subscribers

(Where and When You Need Them)

Job #1: Fill sites with the long-term, credit-worthy subscribers you need. Whether it's residential, commercial, or municipal customers, we have you covered.

How do we do it? We've built deep expertise and connections where it counts.

We have a wide variety of subscriber categories to fit the site composition you need

Here are a few of our proven subscriber acquisition sources. And we're adding new ones all the time!

Our diverse range of always-on sources brings you quality subscribers across the US

Expert Billing & Payment That Delivers Your Revenue

Effectively managing billing and payment processes for your CDG projects requires scalable systems and an extraordinary attention to detail. This is no place for spreadsheets.

You need scrutiny on every subscriber, every month to ensure they're getting the benefits they've been promised.

Maximizing revenue and minimizing churn is the name of the game. Ampion does this with white-glove service for your subscribers — whether residential, LMI, or commercial. Our enterprise-quality platform ensures accuracy and security.

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Job done right, every time, increasing the revenue you realize


Responsive, white-glove support


Enterprise-quality mindset with security and privacy at the core

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Enables accurate reporting and predictable revenue

Technology enables everything we do

It's how you can enter new markets so fast, and receive the insights you need.
Ampion Platform

Enterprise platform

That's why we built our flexible, enterprise-grade billing and data platform from the beginning to handle the scale and complexity of these projects. We took an enterprise approach early on.

ISO27001 Certified

Sleep well at night knowing our data security and business practices have been vetted by the most respected standards authority. This achievement represents our commitment to security and quality data management.

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How does all this help you?

Reliable, scalable, and constantly improving — we're in this for the long haul. As context and rules change, we adjust fast. We're built to scale as you grow.

Peace of mind — know that your subscribers' personal information is safe thanks to our security focus.

Competitive agility through our technology capabilities — Quickly enter new states, support evolving regulatory programs and deploy software solutions that help your bottom line.

Account management experience

Our attentive account management organization is here to make sure you have what you need.

Active management of your assets and revenue

reduce churn

Reduces subscriber churn and payment risk

maximize revenue

Ensures you're maximizing revenue

This really is about attention to detail, paired with the right technology capabilities to stay on top of it all. We've built close operating relationships with the utilities to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Each market expansion, utility company, and project brings its own unique challenges.

Ampion has the experience, the technology prowess, and the right human touch to manage this situation effectively.

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Your Long-term Partner

Superior Technology, Embedded in Your Markets, with Decades of Experience

Distributed generation programs are complicated. Mistakes can be costly. Ampion's combination of superior technology, local experience, and proactive customer support are critical to your success. It's the reason our clients tell us we make their projects more predictable and profitable, with less risk and happier subscribers.

hyper local expertise

Hyper-local expertise that makes the difference between success and failure

dedicated policy team

Dedicated policy team shaping the future of the market

utility relationships

Established utility relationships to unstick problems fast

Single house

Decades of retail energy experience, servicing consumers and their needs

Local market knowledge

We understand the situation on the ground, from the subtle rules of the programs, the current state of subscriber acquisition dynamics, the regulators, the utilities, and everything in between.

Experienced experts

With decades of experience in the energy industry, our recognized experts are accessible and available to work with you to ensure your business grows.

Need help understanding a new market? Our knowledgeable regulatory team stands ready to talk.

Our experienced customer care team meets with you regularly with insights and ideas, working together with you to make the project a success.

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