Maximizing the Benefits of the IRA

The Inflation Reduction Act has major incentives in store for solar developers, investors and operators like you. Developers all over the U.S. are positioning themselves to take advantage of the IRA’s incentives while bringing the benefits of solar to low-income Americans.

There are still unknowns, some of which the federal government plans to clarify in 2023. But we’re not sitting still. Read on to learn what Ampion is doing to help you get the most out of the IRA.

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Maximizing the Benefits of the IRA

The IRA is complicated. We help you navigate it.

You need an experienced team with proven strategies and technology. Ampion has the experience, knowledge and platform necessary to help you:

  • Navigate the IRA regulations and adjust as they evolve
  • Access the financial benefits the IRA offers
  • Maximize your project return
  • Dedicated team to interpret complexities of the IRA and state regulations

    The IRA is ambiguous, and local context matters. That’s why our regulatory team helps you understand the ins and outs of Community Solar programs and developer incentives on a federal level through the IRA – and on a state level, in every state where Community Solar is available. In some markets, there is potential to combine state incentives with federal IRA incentives. We provide informed guidance to help you achieve the maximum benefit possible.

  • Participating members of SEIA, CCSA and NCSP

    As active members of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) and the National Community Solar Partnership (NCSP), Ampion has immediate access to the resources and insight these organizations offer. We’re helping to shape the interpretation of the legislation by submitting comments to the IRS with our clients’ interests top-of-mind.

  • Qualifying mechanisms and auditing security

    Eligibility documentation such as SNAP cards, Medicaid cards and LIHEAP approval letters needs to be auditable. The consequences of failing a government audit may be severe. You need an enterprise system to accommodate the new audit criteria, store it securely and ensure compliance with stringent IRA rules. That’s where Ampion comes in.

  • Utility collaboration

    Ampion is working with utilities to determine the interplay between state programs like Community Solar and energy assistance programs like LIHEAP. The terms of eligibility for those payment assistance programs vary by utility, and you need the right documentation to qualify in each market. Ampion’s operations and compliance teams are already helping clients answer these questions.

  • Ahead-of-the-curve thinking to welcome a new subscriber base

    The low-income adder and the whopping 50% ITC that results from it are driving a shift in the Community Solar subscriber base. Low-income households could represent over half the subscribers to future projects. Any change like this to an industry’s customer base requires rethinking traditional processes, including site allocation. Ampion knows what’s required to maximize the value subscribers see, while minimizing potential revenue disruptions for developers. Reach out to hear how we’ve tuned our strategies to help you capitalize on this exciting next phase of solar expansion.


Partner with an Experienced, Solutions-Driven Team

Dedicated team of regulatory experts committed to understanding the ins and outs of the IRA to maximize your benefit

Robust platform keeps you confident and prepared for compliance audits. Includes important new details like low-income subscriber eligibility evidence for easy retrieval. ISO27001 and PCI Compliant for security.

U.S. Department of Energy
Working with DOE's National Community Solar Partnership – Ampion is actively participating in the development of an industry-wide platform that will increase low-income subscriber access to Community Solar.

Housing authorities

Ampion has a long history working with some of the biggest housing authorities in the states in which we operate. We expect housing authorities to qualify for the incentives. This is good for operators, because their subscriber agreements will have longer term lengths included, reducing exposure to churn. We have a robust pipeline of housing authorities ready to enroll once the Department of Treasury announces more complete eligibility requirements in early 2023.


Spread renewable energy everywhere, for everyone

Ampion is dedicated to spreading the benefits of renewable energy everywhere, for everyone. By partnering with Ampion, you’ll not only help us make our mission a reality – you’ll also be setting yourself up for success. We can’t wait to help you take advantage of this incredible opportunity while also helping LMI customers access Community Solar savings and environmental benefits.

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Hear more from our head of SVP of Acquisition, Mike Beck, in this webinar, "Unpacking the IRA.”

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