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Ampion’s management solution is purpose-built for the community energy market. Our end-to-end solution encompasses the full lifecycle of community energy assets, from customer contracting through billing and payment, inclusive of legal and regulatory compliance. We make the complex simple, allowing our clients to operate sites with confidence.

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Ampion’s platform ensures the long-term success of your distributed generation investments

Tailored Subscriber Contracting & Local Customer Insight

Localized Regulatory Expertise & Market Experience

Enterprise-grade Revenue Management

Lifetime System of Record

A fully subscribed site is your most valuable asset

Ampion understands that the financial performance of your sites rests on the type of subscribers you bring on board.

Know who you’re looking for before you begin Ampion marries our knowledge of the tariffs and local market experience with your requirements to design a subscriber pool optimized to your portfolio. We identify, engage, and contract the right subscribers and in complex markets that makes all the difference.

Bring your own subscribers or use our services We’re flexible to your needs: Ampion can manage any aspect of this critical effort on your behalf, ensuring high integrity partners, compliance with Uniform Business Practices, and quality execution. No matter how much or how little you need, we have a team in place and a strong network of partners to successfully meet your timelines.

Contracting done right on our platform Ampion’s contracting portal provides a secure and wholly compliant process to bring your subscribers on board. Getting valid contracts signed is critical in this market. Being able to prove it is too. Ampion provides the tools to meet regulatory requirements, maximize success, and ensure legal compliance.

Revenue management is a whole lot more than P*Q

Optimize revenue with active allocations

The quality of your revenue stream doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired your subscribers. Production and usage are constantly changing. Ampion’s active optimization of subscribers ensures that your sites remain fully allocated and the economics are intact.

Reduce revenue risk with a diverse subscriber mix including complex commercial offtakers

Your mix of subscribers is an important choice. Being sure that your partner can handle that diversity is essential. Ampion’s solution can handle the complexity of both residential and large commercial offtakers spread across many assets and even many states.

National footprint for entry everywhere

While only a handful of states operate a robust community energy program today, over 40 states have at least one live community energy project.

Opportunities for growth are national and you need a partner that will accelerate your growth. Ampion is building a national solution, designed for clients with aspirations for a large portfolio across many markets.

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Markets are complex, Ampion mitigates your risk

We make it easy for you to achieve the returns you expect.

Enter markets with confidence Ampion is embedded in distributed generation and community solar and has been from the start. Knowing the market at the local level is fundamental to your success. Have a question? We’ll talk you through it. Ready to get started? We’ll give you the tools you need to move fast. New market opening? We’ll be there first.

Understand the tariffs and comply with regulations We know the rules and we’ve architected a platform to ensure that subscribers are contracted correctly, reports are filed accurately, and your exposure is reduced. Energy regulations are complex, and we have the tools and expertise to manage it for you.

Liaise with utilities Our platform and processes are integrated with utilities, and we invest in the personal relationships necessary to collaborate effectively. Working with the utilities is part of the job -- and sometimes the only way to solve a problem is to pick up the phone. Ampion has the relationships to get the job done.

Reliable, irrefutable data is a must for you
(and your partners)

Ampion sits at the center of you, your subscribers, the sites, and the utilities. That’s a lot of data. Ampion instills confidence that the data is accurate and shared with you and other stakeholders in real time. Lenders desire it and regulators expect it. Ampion is the foundation you need to build your business.

Secure, scalable technology purpose-built for distributed generation

In today’s day and age, it’s a business imperative to insist upon scalable and secure technology platforms. Anything less is unacceptable. Ampion is designed as a modern technology with the necessary safeguards to ensure your data with PCI and ISO27001 compliance.

Reporting for your business analysis needs

The distributed generation and community solar markets are still in early days. Ampion knows that the data we collect is central to your growth agenda. Ampion processes your revenue, customer, and other integral data and populates live reports that are available to you in the platform.

Lifetime system of record because you need to know

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