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Let Ampion help you grow your solar energy business.

A turn-key solution for monetizing your community solar assets.

The most experienced and reliable solution for comprehensively managing your community energy revenue cycle.

Solutions For

Solar Energy Developers

Multi-State Subscriber Acquisition

  • Scalable, multi-channel subscriber acquisition capabilities ensure rapid contract completions 
  • Multi-state readiness for immediate start to acquisition efforts
  • Subscriber base tailored to your mix preferences  
  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements (UBPs, DNC, etc…)
  • Secure platform for subscriber contracting
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance & Utility Engagement

  • Regulator-approved contracts and user experience 
  • Management of all enabling paperwork submissions (e.g. Schedule Z) 
  • Established network of policy and utility relationships 
  • Embedded market and policy expertise 

Enterprise-Grade Billing & Payment

  • Flawless bill and payment accuracy, every time
  • Broad utility data integration  
  • Modern technology with security and privacy at its core (ISO27001, PCI-compliant, ACT)
  • Subscriber-centric features; multiple payment types, online data portal, call-center support and proactive churn management 
  • Revenue tracking and related reporting capabilities