How it Works

The Solar Farm

Ampion assigns you a share of a local community solar farm based on your electricity usage. We communicate to your utility company that you will be receiving a portion of the solar farm’s production each month.

Your Electric Bill

You receive your portion of power in the manner of “solar energy credits” that appear on your electric bill. Your credits offset the final balance you owe your utility for your electric consumption.

Your Savings

After you receive your credits, you’ll receive a bill from us. We’ll charge you at a discount based on your credits’ value, From our discount, you’ll save an estimated 10% on your annual electric costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still pay my utility?

Your current utility will still service your account and deliver energy to your home or business. Any energy consumption that isn’t covered by your energy credits will be paid to the utility at their price.

My energy is provided by a third-party supplier – can I still join?

Yes! However, if you receive a bill for your third-party supplier that is separate from your utility bill, credits can only be applied to your utility bill. If your electricity charges appear in a consolidated bill, your credits can be used to offset the entire bill.

What happens if I move?

If you are moving to a residence that is still in the area of eligibility, you can take your subscription with you! As long as you reside in the same utility service territory, you can continue to be a part of your project.

How do I know that the solar farm is producing energy?

You will have access to a software portal that will allow you to view the solar production, monetary savings, and environmental impact that’s possible with your support of our program.

How can I keep track of my community solar bills?

In addition to showing you real-time information about the solar array you belong to, our software will also provide online records of your current and past bills.

How do I register for my community solar online portal?

Your online portal is created using the email address and password you use to enroll. Once you are assigned to one of our projects, you will be invited to view information and metrics specific to your subscription.

Who can participate?

Because no roof is required to participate, nearly anyone can join. Homeowners, renters, apartment dwellers, places of worship, and small businesses can all support clean energy and benefit from cheap solar power.

What does it cost and how much money will I save?

There is no cost to join our community solar program. The energy credits produced by the solar array will be applied to your bill, and offered to you at a 10% discount.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy – simply fill out the form at the top of your screen. If you live in an eligible area, we’ll send you an email to allow you to complete your enrollment.

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