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Membership Houses

An Ampion membership equals ongoing savings on your electric bill — with no upfront costs, hidden fees, or long-term contracts. Explore the membership and billing experience with Ampion.

Ampion handles it all

Ampion works closely with utilities and regulators to expand Community Solar access and make the savings process as easy as possible for members. No need to jump through hoops — just easy, ongoing savings and sustainability for you.

How Billing Works with Ampion

Ampion’s billing process differs depending on your state, though most members will receive two bills each month: one from their utility and one from us. Two bills may seem silly, but it’s all part of making sure members get the savings they deserve. Our auto-pay system helps keep things simple, and our invoice will show you exactly what you’re paying for.
Membership Share

Determining your share of solar energy

We aim to align your share with your annual electricity usage — and therefore save you as much money as we possibly can. By using data pulled from your utility bill, we estimate your annual electricity usage and allocate the proper share of the solar farm’s production to your membership. Don’t worry if your power use changes over time: we’ll keep an eye on it and adjust your share accordingly!

Utility Meter

The utility measures your energy usage normally

Your utility company continues to measure how much electricity you consume as it always has, sending you a monthly summary and bill for what’s used.

Solar Energy Credits

Solar energy credits are applied to your energy bill monthly

This is the big change! Your utility now applies credits (or discounts) to your bill based on your share of the solar energy assigned to you by Ampion — significantly reducing what you pay to them each month. Some Ampion subscribers experience a utility bill with no balance!

Pay Less

You pay less than what you’d pay your utility

Once the credits are applied to your bill, you pay for them at a discounted rate for every dollar of credit you received. Most members will get a bill from Ampion to handle this discounting, though in some states, payments are handled through your utility and your existing bill. Think of it as every dollar of credit only costing you 85 or 90 cents. It may sound too good to be true (we hear that a lot!) but the savings are enabled by state-backed programs to advance renewable energy, resulting in a win for everyone involved.

What if my solar energy credits don’t cover all my electricity costs?

If your credits don’t cover the full amount on your utility bill, you’ll owe the difference to the utility. We keep an eye on your credits and regularly adjust to maximize your savings.

Each state handles Community Solar a bit differently.

Ampion members nationwide typically save between 5 - 15% on their annual energy costs (~10% is most common). But because Community Solar is incentivized at the state level and every utility company is unique, the exact amount you can save and how you are billed may vary. Get the lowdown on the specifics in your state below.

Don't see your State?

Community Solar is still growing with new state and utility-backed programs happening all the time. Sign up to receive updates on when Community Solar and Ampion membership is available in your area.

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