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Montgomery Energy Connection, a Montgomery County program and your link to energy savings, is excited to help promote Ampion’s Community Solar program for County residents and businesses. Support the generation of solar energy with no panel installations and no sign-up cost. You will even save up to 10% on their electricity costs for as long as you choose to subscribe to a share of a local solar farm’s production. Enroll in just five minutes with your PEPCO bill on hand!

When you subscribe to Community Solar through this page and are approved, Ampion will send you a $200 Visa gift card*, $100 of which you can use to pay for your Home Energy Audit through the EmPOWER Maryland program! A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Energy Audit, typically valued at $400, helps individual homeowners find out their residential consumption and energy flow for only $100**. An audit may help save money by determining areas of your home where there is energy loss and by identifying where power usage may be curbed.

Help support local solar energy projects at metro stations in the D.C. area, and take advantage of a Home Energy Audit by enrolling in Community Solar today!

*(Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of the gift card by mail from time of approved sign up. Cannot be combined with any other offer.)

**The $100 offer is valid for homes up to 3,000 square feet with a single combustion appliance zone. A combustion zone is defined as a room and enclosed air volume that contains a combustion appliance, such as a gas range stove or a gas water heater. Audits of larger homes or homes with multiple combustion appliance zones, such as a home with a furnace or boiler room and a gas range stove, may cost more. Customers should discuss the cost with their selected participating contractor.

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Why Ampion?

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Help the planet

Joining Ampion is the easiest way to help the environment by using clean, climate-friendly energy to power communities like yours.

why ampion 2

Save money

Thanks to your state's renewable energy incentive programs, Ampion members receive regular savings on their electricity bills with no added investments or fees.

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No hassles, headaches or fees

Think of it as “solar as a service” — with nothing to buy, install, maintain or worry about, you get to experience all the benefits of renewable energy without concern or a catch.

why ampion 4

Available to all

Ampion is available to homeowners, renters and just about anyone who pays a utility bill, making it easy to take part in sustainable change and access real savings.

How Community Solar works


Sign up for free to become an Ampion member in as little as 5 minutes with your utility bill (to calculate your energy usage and savings)


Ampion matches you to a solar farm and assigns you a share of the electricity it generates based on your typical usage


The solar farm produces clean energy and delivers it to the grid, increasing the renewable energy available to your community and boosting sustainability


Renewable energy credits are applied to your bill each month based on your share of the solar energy produced, significantly reducing what you pay your utility


You pay for the renewable energy credits at a discounted rate, lowering your electricity costs and saving you money month after month

Public benefit corporporation

Ampion’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to access clean, renewable energy. As a Public Benefit Corporation, our success is defined by how well we serve the greater good, not just the profits we earn.

Still have questions?

That’s ok, Community Energy is new to most people. Lots of our customers had questions before they signed up so we compiled a list of some of the most common questions below.

No. Your current utility will still service your account and deliver energy to your home or business. Any energy consumption that isn’t covered by your energy credits will be paid to the utility at their price.

There is no cost to join our community solar program. You will receive a monthly invoice for the energy credits, produced by your solar farm and applied to your utility bill, at a discounted rate.

If you are moving to a residence that is still in the area of eligibility, you can take your subscription with you! As long as you reside in the same utility service territory, you can continue to be a part of your project.

You can start enrolling here. The sign up process takes about five minutes and you will need a copy of your electric bill.

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