Interfaith Alliance Partners with Ampion & Abundant Energy for Community Solar

The Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action (“RAICA”) group has partnered with Abundant Energy, supported by Ampion, to facilitate community solar programs throughout greater Rochester. In addition to accelerating the region’s transition to sustainability, the partnership will lower electric costs for local residents, businesses, and houses of worship.

RAICA’s mission is to bring climate solutions to Rochester through the lens of a moral and spiritual call to action. Now, through a partnership with Abundant Energy, RAICA is introducing community solar to its network. Community solar allows customers to receive credits from local solar farms that offset the their RG&E bills. It can result as in as much as a 10% savings on their energy spend.

“As a group seeking to create a meaningful response to climate change,” said Jackie Ebner, co-campaign leader of RAICA, “we are delighted to help our religious communities lower their electricity costs while advancing New York’sclean energy goals. Community solar is the perfect solution for those of us who couldn’t otherwise participate in rooftop solar.”

Ampion is a management company that provides billing and payment services, as well as an interactive user portal, on Abundant Energy’s behalf. “Over twenty houses of worship have signed up, and we’re looking forward to expanding our impact,” said Nate Owen, Ampion’s CEO. “The best part is that these projects are already running and ready to go. This option is clean, local, and affordable, and we’re excited to work with RAICA to help spread this offering.”

Subscriptions are limited. RG&E customers can reserve their spot by visiting

About RAICA:

The Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action is a group of individuals and organizations of faith in the Rochestermetropolitan area seeking to create a meaningful response to climate change. In doing so, they acknowledge a common conviction to care for the earth and its people, seeking to share resources, leverage their strengths, and magnify their impact. Learn more at

About Ampion:

Ampion empowers the clean energy revolution by bringing community energy programs to local communities. Through its software platform, Ampion connects residents, businesses, and other consumers with clean energy facilities that lower their electric costs without the need for installations or upfront investment.