What Is Community Shared Solar?

With no upfront costs and nothing to install, it’s the easiest way to benefit from solar energy.

Mention solar energy and most people will immediately picture those panels popping up on roofs all over their neighborhood. However, for many people, that is not a viable option. A solar farm provides people with an easy way to benefit from solar energy without putting panels on their roofs.

A solar farm, sometimes called a solar garden, is a power plant whose electricity is generated by capturing energy from the sun. The electricity is then distributed via the utility grid. People can subscribe to a solar farm and receive a credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced.

Community solar is the smart choice.

Solar Energy

Available to Homeowners & Renters

Monthly Savings on Electricity

No Up-Front Costs

Nothing to Install

Our mission, Renewable Energy Everywhere, for Everyone, is supported by the Ampion’s on-line platform. With our state-of-the-art software you can reap the benefits of renewable energy, regardless of whether you rent or own your home and with nothing to install!


You sign up for an Ampion account through our on-line enrollment portal (a qualifying utility account in your name is required.)


Our on-line platform matches you with a solar farm and connects your Ampion account to your electric utility so we can apply your bill credits.


Log in to your account anytime to see the production of solar energy, your bill credits, and more.


Ampion will email you an invoice each month, for the bill credits applied to your utility account, at a discounted rate.

How does it work?

Based on your annual electricity usage, Ampion assigns you a share of a solar farm’s total production. Your subscription claims this share.

The solar farm produces electricity on your behalf, which is delivered to the grid (not your house directly). Each subscriber receives dollar credits for the amount of electricity produced by their share of the solar farm. 

The utility company sends you a monthly invoice, as it always has, with your credits applied. That means your bill will be much smaller and possibly will carry a $0 balance. 

Ampion sends you an invoice for the credits that were applied to your utility bill.  These credits are discounted (state renewable energy incentives provide the funding), saving you money. Ampion then collects your payment.

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