Billing Process FAQs

For most people, community solar is a new idea. And it can be confusing. We commend your willingness to dig in and learn! Below is a list of answers to common questions that come up as people learn about community solar. Feel free to contact us with follow-up questions.

Referencing your utility bill, we can determine how much electricity you’ll need each month. We then find a solar farm that has matching capacity. Your allocation is the portion of the solar farms’ energy that is dedicated to meeting your needs. The goal is to make sure that the amount of bill credits you recieve on your bill matches your annual electricity costs. 

Your allotment provides you with a percentage of the total output of the solar farm.

The credits from your solar farm allotment are automatically applied to your monthly utility bill, reducing the total amount due. Bill credits offset all electricity costs: supply and delivery.

If you use more electricity than was generated on your behalf, the utility will invoice you for the difference. Use less electricity than your allotment generated and you will not owe the utility any money that month. Any remaining credits will be banked for future use. 

In New England, our seasons have an impact on solar energy production. In the summer months, with longer and sunnier days, solar farms produce more electricity. In the winter, solar farms tend to produce less. Over the course of a year, you can expect your solar farm to produce more electricity than your household can use.

This question comes up A LOT. Utility bills are notoriously hard to read, and each utility designs its bill differently using different terms to identify the credits:

  • ConEd: Adjustments 
  • RG&E: CDG Value Stack Credit 
  • Eversource: Net Metering Credit  
  • NGrid: Net Metering Credit

There are a couple of places where you can check on the number of credits in your account. The easiest way is to log into your Ampion account. There you will see a summary of how much electricity the solar farm has produced, your monetary savings, and the environmental impact of your account.  


  • Our portal will also provide you with online records of your current and past bills.
  • Your monthly invoice from Ampion will include a summary of the previous month's credits.  
  • Additionally, your credits appear on your monthly utility bill.

Unused credits will be banked in your account and automatically applied to months where you’ve used more electricity than was generated on your behalf. 

We will notify you once your account is fully activated and let you know how quickly you can expect to see credits on your utility bill.

For every dollar of bill credits generated by the solar farm and applied to your utility account, we charge you just ninety cents. The more solar production, the more bill credits generated, the more savings off your electricity costs. Bill credits offset all electricity costs, supply and delivery.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time.