Community Solar in Illinois from Ampion

  • Clean Energy Standard: Carbon-free by 2040

  • Types of Subscribers Allowed: Residents, businesses, and community groups

  • Typical Contract Discount: 20% discount on bill credits for electric supply

  • Billing Model: Dual billing (Utility plus Ampion for bill credits)

Lower your Utility Bill, Help the Planet, Energize your Community

Check your eligibility for Community Solar from Ampion

Renewable Energy in Illinois

Ampion believes that as clean prairie winds blow from Rockford to Cairo, clean energy should also flow throughout the state of Illinois. That’s why we’re spearheading a comprehensive Community Solar program in the Land of Lincoln, bringing renewable energy and guaranteed savings to all Illinois participants.

Illinois currently generates 38% of the state’s power through solar energy. The state government set a goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2040. Ampion is helping with this effort by building support for the Community Solar movement in Illinois. We’re helping state residents take advantage of the benefits — 20% savings on credits generated by their share of the solar farms, applied to the supply portion of their bill, and enabling more of the grid to be powered by clean, renewable energy.

Community Solar in Illinois is supported by a dual billing system: one bill from your utility provider and one from Ampion with the discount on your bill credits. Residents, businesses, and community groups are eligible for Community Solar in Illinois.

Why Ampion?

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Help the planet

Joining Ampion is the easiest way to help the environment by using clean, climate-friendly energy to power communities like yours.

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Save money

Thanks to your state’s renewable energy incentive programs, Ampion members receive regular savings on their electricity bills with no added investments or fees.

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No hassles, headaches or fees

Think of it as “solar as a service” — with nothing to buy, install, maintain or worry about, you get to experience all the benefits of renewable energy without concern or a catch.

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Available to all

Ampion is available to homeowners, renters and just about anyone who pays a utility bill, making it easy to take part in sustainable change and access real savings.


It’s easy to join Ampion and start benefiting from Community Solar. With the following items in hand, it should take just a few minutes!

Zip code– we’ll use this to match you with a locally-operated solar farm near you.

Utility account details or a recent utility bill– we use your account info to confirm eligibility, and assign you a solar energy allocation to match your usage.

Payment method– a credit card, debit card or checking account is used to simplify the billing process through our auto-pay system, and to confirm your identity to get you signed up.


Ampion Billing in Illinois

The State of Illinois has created a dual billing Community Solar program. This means you'll receive two bills each month: one from your utility (for example, ComEd or Ameren), and one from Ampion.

Renewable energy credits are applied to your utility bill each month, based on your share of the energy produced by the solar farm. These credits are applied to the supply portion of your electricity bill. They reduce payments owed to the utility.

You then pay Ampion at a discount for those credits. This is where the savings come in!

In Illinois, the discount is 20%. Think of this as every dollar of credit only costing you 80 cents. So you pay Ampion less than what you would have paid the utility.

Sound too good to be true? We hear that a lot! These savings are made possible by state programs designed to increase adoption of renewable energy in Illinois. The result is a win for everyone involved.

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Lower your Utility Bill, Help the Planet, Energize your Community

Check your eligibility for Community Solar from Ampion

Have more questions?

For most people, Community Solar is a new idea. And it can be confusing. We commend your willingness to dig in and learn! Explore our list of answers to common questions that come up as people learn about Community Solar.

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