Community Solar in New York from Ampion

  • Clean Energy Standard: Carbon-free by 2040

  • Types of Subscribers Allowed: Residential, small business, and large commercial

  • Typical Contract Discount: 10% discount on bill credits

  • Billing Model: One bill via the utility for most (“net crediting”)

Lower your Utility Bill, Help the Planet, Energize your Community

Check your eligibility for Community Solar from Ampion

Renewable Energy in New York

Ampion has been working in New York since the beginning. From Albany to Buffalo, Poughkeepsie to Rochester (and back again), we’ve criss-crossed the state to build support for Community Solar and find new subscribers. The early adopter days are behind us, but fortunately new sites continue to come online.

Community Solar in New York is made possible by the NY-Sun Program, a public-private partnership administered by NYSERDA designed to significantly increase the availability of renewable energy to residents and businesses in the state. The state has announced a goal of being carbon-free by 2040 and economy-wide, net zero carbon emissions by 2050. In the near-term, the state expects an additional 6 GW of distributed solar generation by 2025, greatly expanding the amount of solar generation in NY.

New York’s program is among the oldest and most innovative in the country. It provides incentives for the development of renewable energy, which in turn allow ratepayers to benefit via access and reduced electricity costs. Its prominence includes substantial levels of oversight and scrutiny, carefully protecting the rights of subscribers and ensuring high standards of behavior by providers of the Community Solar.

Why Ampion?


It’s easy to join Ampion and start benefiting from Community Solar. With the following items in hand, it should take just a few minutes!

Zip code– we’ll use this to match you with a locally-operated solar farm near you.

Utility account details or a recent utility bill– we use your account info to confirm eligibility, and assign you a solar energy allocation to match your usage.

Payment method– a credit card, debit card or checking account is used to simplify the billing process through our auto-pay system, and to confirm your identity to get you signed up.


Ampion Billing in New York

The State of New York allows both a dual billing Community Solar billing system, and a newer “consolidated billing” system. Your billing method is determined by your location and which utility company serves your area.

If you’re in a consolidated billing Community Solar program, you’ll receive your monthly utility bill as usual. The credits from your share of the energy produced by the solar farm are shown on your bill, with the 10% discount applied automatically. You see your savings here!

If you’re in a dual billing Community Solar program, you'll receive one bill from your utility (for example, Central Hudson), and one from Ampion.

Renewable energy credits are applied to your utility bill each month, based on your share of the energy produced by the solar farm. These credits reduce and in many cases eliminate any payments owed to the utility.

You then pay Ampion at a discount for those credits. This is where the savings come in!

In New York, the discount is 10%. Think of this as every dollar of credit only costing you 90 cents. So you pay Ampion less than what you would have paid the utility.

Sound too good to be true? We hear that a lot! These savings are made possible by state programs designed to increase adoption of renewable energy in New York. The result is a win for everyone involved.

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Lower your Utility Bill, Help the Planet, Energize your Community

Check your eligibility for Community Solar from Ampion

Have more questions?

For most people, Community Solar is a new idea. And it can be confusing. We commend your willingness to dig in and learn! Explore our list of answers to common questions that come up as people learn about Community Solar.

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