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The Key to Streamlined LMI Enrollment

As developer demand for low-income community solar subscribers increases, door-to-door sales remains a highly effective acquisition strategy. Ampion’s Sales Agent Portal simplifies the enrollment process while ensuring quality and compliance.

It is a custom-built, web-based system that optimizes acquisition and onboarding efforts. It serves as an important tool for door-to-door sales agents, internal acquisition teams, and solar developers who do their own subscriber acquisition.

The Portal makes it easy for sales agents to help subscribers through the enrollment process and follow up where necessary. Plus, it ensures compliance, making it an indispensable part of any high volume sales effort.

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Ampion Sales Agent Portal

Fill Community Solar Sites Faster

The Sales Agent Portal makes our channel partners more efficient. And more efficient sales channels result in faster acquisition. Sales agents and subscribers enjoy a hassle-free enrollment process. Salespeople can shave precious minutes off of each sales interaction. For example, they can fill out non-sensitive data on behalf of the subscriber, and assist with file uploads and other tasks.

Field sales agents are able to quickly and efficiently gather the necessary documentation proving subscriber LMI status. The slick, intuitive interface helps, too.

  • Visibility Into Pipeline and Channel Integrity

    Visibility Into Pipeline and Channel Integrity

    Our Sales Agent Portal helps us gain insights into the enrollment flow for better decision-making. Partners can monitor enrollments and swiftly address leads stuck in the funnel. It allows us to keep a close watch on sales channels to ensure consumer protection. We can better track individual agents, take corrective action when needed, and improve performance for all involved.

  • quality_subscribers

    Ensure High-Quality

    The Portal collects important data and allows us to monitor channel partner behavior, minimizing the risk of questionable or low-value enrollments. The Portal can even use utility account information to automatically determine program eligibility for some subscribers.

    What’s more, our Red Flag Detection helps further safeguard your site's enrollments. With high-quality, verified subscribers, you can feel confident that your sites will experience limited churn and sail through compliance audits.

  • quality_subscribers

    Agent Training

    Our channel partners’ salespeople need to know community solar backwards and forwards, and how to sell it efficiently and in a compliant manner. The Sales Agent Portal contains educational videos and documentation that helps channel partners become more self-sufficient while delivering higher-quality subscribers.

Ampion: Your Partner in Community Solar Success

Ampion stands at the forefront of innovation in this rapidly evolving DG industry. We are committed to providing the tools you need to thrive.

Unlike some revenue management companies that rely on simple batch CSV uploads and partner-controlled software, we believe in direct oversight. Our investment in cutting-edge technology like this ensures your data is secure and your reputation is protected.

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